SMU psychology student seeks bartenders, servers for study


Vanessa Myers, psychology graduate student at Saint Mary’s, is researching how negative customer interactions can physiologically impact servers and bartenders…and is looking for some research participants.

The study involves having 40 to 50 local workers wear a blood pressure machine throughout the day, both at home and work.

The machine will measure their blood pressure every hour, then participants will write a quick diary entry about their activities at that time.

As a former server herself, Myers has first-hand experience in the area.

"I've had about 5 participants so far, and I'm noticing some differences by then end of the shift," she explains in an article published by . "The blood pressure is going higher and people are more emotionally exhausted. That's even spilling over into their home life, right before they're going to bed."

Do you know someone who may want to participate in the study? Contact