About this site and the campus newsletter

The Saint Mary’s internal newsletter is published every second Thursday morning by the External Affairs Office at Saint Mary’s University. It is distributed by email to more than 1000 faculty and staff of the university.

The newsletter/web page is a forum for internal stories, news, events and updates related to the Saint Mary’s community. The primary aim is to share institutional information and content between faculties and staff groups, to increase engagement and a foster sense of community pride.


The mandate is to serve faculty and staff by providing a forum for internal focused stories and news, to celebrate achievements and to increase engagement.

We strive to support and reflect the values, mission and goals of Saint Mary’s University by celebrating academic and research excellence, teaching and learning, student success, global connectedness and community engagement.


Rachelle Boudreau, Communications Officer, Internal at rachelle.boudreau@smu.ca ext. 5580

2019 Publication Dates

January: 10, 24

February: 7, 21

March: 7, 21

April: 4, 18

May: 2, 16, 30

June: 13, 27

July: 11, 25

August: 8, 22

September: 5,19

October: 3,17, 31

November: 14, 28

December: 12