Recent phishing emails - be alert!

ITSS is advising the Saint Mary’s community to be alert in the wake of recent phishing emails going around the campus.

As recently as this morning, a phishing email with the subject line “Investment document” was received by many across campus.

ITSS continues to protect Saint Mary’s against incoming malicious emails containing spam, malware, and phishing emails.

Currently, no existing email protection can block 100% of these emails and, as a result, some will get through the University’s internet security.

For this reason, ITSS advises users to be cautious of the messages that are delivered to their inboxes.

Recently, there have been phishing emails which appear to be from the University’s President, Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray, with the subject lines “Professional Programs and Ethical Conduct Program for Saint Mary’s University” and “Saint Mary’s University Re-Evaluated and Up to Date Responsible Use of Technology for Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray.” (See samples below)

These phishing emails have PDF attachments containing malware and phishing links that redirect users to a replica of our web single sign-on page with the intent of harvesting the user’s credentials.

Capturing of these credentials enable criminals to take over the user’s accounts, using them to phish other users within the University as well as over the internet.

Snip 2.PNG

To learn about similar phishing emails, how to identify them and how to protect yourself, please visit the ITSS security awareness education webpage.