Invasive Species Jenga premieres at Soapbox Science

invasive species jenga.jpg

 Dr. Linda Campbell and graduate student Sarah Kingsbury were invited to present their educational Invasive Species Jenga game at Soapbox Science at the Seaport Market last weekend.

 The game is based on the idea is that an aquatic food web is an integrated interlinking system, and changes in one part of the system will affect other parts. The introduction of persistent invasive species could disrupt the food web by destabilizing of the current structure and the interactions of native species.

 The stacking tower game is colour-coded based on the food web position (e.g. plant, invertebrate, fish, invasive species), and structured so it is vulnerable to collapsing if the native species blocks are removed first.

 Sarah Kingsbury has also been working on a citizen science project concerning an invasive species called Chinese mystery snails. Read more here to find out how you can participate.

 Her work was recently featured in a CBC story:

— Submitted by Danielle Boudreau, Faculty of Science