Summer Safety: Heat Stress Guidelines

We all enjoy the hot days of summer but care needs to be taken when the Humidex starts to climb. 


The Humidex, a combination of heat and humidity levels, provides a number that describes how hot we feel, much in the same way the equivalent chill temperature or “wind chill factor”, describes how cold people feel. 

Saint Mary’s University recognizes the potential problems caused by high temperatures in the work environment or associated with sports activities. 

Heat Stress Guidelines, based on a Humidex value and modified to consider activity level and clothing, have been established to prevent the occurrence of heat related illness. 

The guidelines offer practical steps to manage summer heat for indoor and outdoor work, field trips and sports activities. Learn the signs of heat stress, first aid tips and more at

Need to cool down? Visit these air-conditioned spaces:

  • Atrium/Library

  • McNally East, including the Faculty Lounge

  • Theatre Auditorium

  • Sobey Building

  • Loyola Academic Building

  • The Language Centre – 960 Tower Road