Student launches "sports-matching" app to help people stay active

BComm student Abdullah “Mubdu” Alali

BComm student Abdullah “Mubdu” Alali

Say goodbye to endless group chats and juggling conflicting schedules while trying to coordinate sports games.

Now, you can simply join a game of your choice with only a few clicks. Saint Mary’s University student, Abdullah “Mubdu” Alali, is the founder of Bloxo, a sport-matching app designed to make organizing, finding, and joining pickup sports games effortless.

Bloxo helps you discover playing opportunities, make new friends, and stay active by getting you involved with sports in your local communities.

Alali is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Entrepreneurship. In addition to launching the Bloxo app, he created a new Toastmasters Club on campus..

Today, the Bloxo app is available to iPhone users and can be downloaded at the Apple App Store.

This free-to-download app not only connects you to your favourite sports games but also connect you with players that match your skill level. Within the first 24 hours of launching, Bloxo has gained over 60 users and filled up two organized sports games, locally.

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— Valerie Caswell, SMUEC