Vic Catano, Kevin Kelloway receive honours from the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology 


Victor Catano and Kevin Kelloway have both received Presidential Recognition as a Scientist-Practitioner from the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology (SIOP), a prestigious, international association in the field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. The awards were announced at the SIOP’s annual meeting in Washington, DC earlier this month.

“As one of Vic’s former graduate students and a collaborator for over 35 years I can attest to the magnitude and significance of his contributions,” said Dr. Kevin Kelloway. “He has a long history of exceptional work as a scientist and a practitioner, and was the driving force in establishing our graduate programs in industrial/organizational psychology, and has long been an active, engaged member of the SMU community.”

The scientist-practitioner model that both Dr. Catano and Dr. Kelloway espouse lies at the heart of this discipline and underpins the longstanding (40 years next year) M.Sc. and newer, but equally successful PhD program at Saint Mary’s.