Faculty of Arts introduces two new Indigenous Fellowships

Above: A jingle dancer participates in the Mawiomi during 2018 Welcome Weeks.

Above: A jingle dancer participates in the Mawiomi during 2018 Welcome Weeks.

Two new Indigenous Fellowships in the Faculty of Arts will have a broad impact for everyone in the Saint Mary’s community. The university is currently seeking applicants for a 12-month Indigenous Postdoctoral Fellowship starting in September and a four-month Indigenous Visiting Fellowship, starting in either the fall or winter term.

“What I think will emerge is the full potential of integrating Indigenous knowledge in so many areas, so everyone will benefit,” says Dr. John Reid, Professor of History and Senior Research Fellow at the Gorsebrook Research Institute.

The new positions will build on the university’s ongoing initiatives to engage with Indigenous communities and strengthen intercultural research and curriculum. They will continue SMU’s work to respond to the Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and our own university task force.

“It’s going to be very enriching for the university,” says Dr. Reid. “The successful candidates will make a vital contribution to the intellectual and cultural life of the university, and the ability of Saint Mary’s to be culturally welcoming to Indigenous students.”

The qualification of ‘lived experience’ is crucial for both positions. The Visiting Fellowship is geared toward scholars at early to middle stages of their careers, but also to community leaders and individuals in fields related to the social sciences, humanities and environmental studies. The Postdoctoral Fellowship is designed for scholars in the initial stages of their academic careers. Along with research, the Postdoctoral Fellow will teach one course each term and develop public presentations and outreach activities in consultation with Indigenous communities.

Find out more about the Indigenous Postdoctoral Fellowship and the Indigenous Visiting Fellowship, and please share with your networks. The review of applications will begin on April 1.

Submitted by Marla Cranston.