Career 360 to streamline Student Service offerings

career 360.png

Starting early this April, students and faculty alike will be seeing some welcome changes to career platforms at Saint Mary’s.

An easy-to-use online platform, Career 360 will serve as a one-stop shop for Career Services, Service Learning, Co-op, Graduate Services and the Co-Curricular Record.

“We will be phasing the different parts in over the next few months, and we hope that by September the last piece around Service Learning will be ready to launch,” says Christy Starkey of Career Services. “We’re all looking forward to providing a great user experience for students, faculty and employers accessing our services.”

Besides a more modern interface, Career 360 will provide better record management, tracking of career and experiential learning, reporting and will be fully integrated with Banner.

By June 30, the new platform will replace Hire SMU as the official route to post and fill job and co-op opportunities, streamlining  all career and co-op activities including the scheduling of interviews.

All students will have access to positions posted, and will also be able to apply with their CV’s directly from the portal.

Career 360 will also keep track of student co-curricular records. Hours of volunteering can be recorded and validated for students on the same platform where they maintain their resume. “When students begin to look for jobs or at enrolling in graduate programs a lot more of the information and records they need will already be compiled in one place, “ says Starkey.

All current students who are enrolled at Saint Mary’s will have an automatic login for Career 360. When the online program is launched, students will be able to log on and have information that was on previous sites automatically transferred to Career 360.

Submitted by Claire MacGillivray.