New partnership boosts experiential learning, co-ops for students in all faculties

Students across all faculties will benefit from a new partnership with RBC, which will see $695,000 put towards four initiatives that aim to expand cooperative education and entrepreneurship opportunities .

The partnership was announced Thursday, Feb.14, at the Saint Mary’s University Entrepreneurship Centre greeting with applause and the release of balloons to celebrate the good news.

“This partnership is based on a mutual commitment of providing students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience to prepare them for the future workforce, “ said Dr. Rob Summerby-Murrary. “Both RBC and Saint Mary’s are looking to bridge the gap between what is needed in the changing economy and what our students of today are learning. Not only does this gift align with our values, mission, and objectives it has the potential to impact all of our 7000 plus students by building on our strengths.”

In addition to experiential learning and co-op opportunities, the RBC Talent Hub program will also support:

  • a training and development through a new entrepreneurial mindset workshop and certificate program

  • an in-house student-led consultancy where real businesses present challenges for students to solve. 

  • an Entrepreneur-in-Residence to provide support, guidance and resource to students. Saint Mary’s alum Gregg Curwin (BComm‘90) was named as the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

For more information, see the news release: