Faculty, staff & students eligible for Entrepreneurial Mindsets Fund

A special fund aimed at helping faculty, staff and students find ways to foster innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets at Saint Mary’s now accepting proposals.

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The Saint Mary’s University Community and Student Engagement Committee (CASE) on Graduating Students with Creative, Innovative, and Entrepreneurial Mindsets is renewing the Innovative, Creative and Entrepreneurial Mindsets Fund.

The fund’s purpose is to encourage faculty, students and staff to innovate in activities, events, research and teaching in ways that will enhance the creative, innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets of the entire SMU community.

Call for Proposals

Proposals are invited from faculty, students and staff from across all faculties, as well as from Departments, Programs, Societies and groups of individuals. The primary applicant must be a member of the Saint Mary’s University community. Please note that applications from students will be prioritized.

Possible projects include everything from design thinking workshops for staff and students to pitch competitions for IP that can be commercialized or a community of practice using critical thinking to address problems.

Some examples of projects funded through the fund last year include: 

  • The Pipeline: Commercial Solutions: Training opportunity for non-commerce students to learn about social enterprise/innovation development to recognize the commercial potential of existing projects and future ideas related to their field of study.

  • Saint Mary’s University Student Leadership Conference: The Student Leadership Conference, related to innovation and problem solving, empowered students to explore entrepreneurship and learn new skills to augment their academic pursuits.

  • First Year Student Research Grants: A pilot program testing the high impact practice of creating successful first year students through connecting them to faculty and research.

  • The ENbassador Program: A committee of 12 cross-faculty students will work to increase engagement from students across faculties in Entrepreneurial activities on campus.

Applications for funding can be submitted electronically to donna.filek@smu.ca or through the online application. Applications must be received by 4:00 p.m. on February 1st, 2019. 

For full guidelines and application information, visit https://www.smuec.ca/casefund/