New "SMU Cafe" digital tool connects students & alumni


Calling alumni faculty and staff!  You can now help set students up for career success  with an exciting new initiative from the Alumni Office that connects students to alumni and mentors.

Saint Mary's has received a RBC Future Launch sponsorship which has allowed the Alumni Office to offer the Ten Thousand Coffees initiative for the Santamarian community. 

Through this platform, we've launched our very own digital SMU Cafe which will provide networking opportunities to students and alumni. 

How does the SMU Cafe work?

  • You’ll receive a monthly introduction to a student or fellow alumni based on your interests and goals 
  • Suggest a time to chat, in-person at a coffee shop or online from the comfort of your home, to share your advice and experience
  • Receive an official LinkedIn certification to recognize your commitment to mentoring and networking

What will you get from the program?

  • Help shape the careers of students and young alumni by sharing your career advice and experience
  • Develop your  networking and mentoring skills through real-world practice
  • Build your network of other Saint Mary's University alumni and faculty based on your industry and interests.

We hope you’ll take the 2-3 minutes to join the program by selecting a question below that you’d like to share more information about!

What was one thing you wish you knew when you graduated?

How has your degree helped you in your career?

How did you decide on a career path?

Once you join, all introductions are sent directly to your inbox so you don’t need to use another tool.

We hope that many of our alumni Faculty and Staff will be among the first to join this exciting new networking initiative! 

Questions? Contact Chantal Caissie, Alumni Officer,  at