Supporting Saudi students


Saint Mary's is working to support Saudi students impacted by the recent decree from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that recalled government-funded scholarships and ordered all students out of the country by the end of August.

Though the situation continues to evolve, and there are many unanswered questions, it appears that the course of study for the majority of Saudi students at Saint Mary’s will be interrupted. 

There are approximately 110 students at Saint Mary's, in all Faculties; the majority are undergraduate students with a very small number of graduate students. About 15 Saudi students are set to graduate this fall, and this will proceed as planned. 

Dr. Steve Smith, Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Management & Registrar (Acting), is coordinating the university's response to the issue. A message was sent to Saudi students, expressing the university's desire to assist them in this difficult situation and providing contact information for the Service Centre, Academic Advisors, counselling services and more. A more detailed FAQ sheet was also prepared to further help impacted students.

Saint Mary's is working with SMUSA, the Atlantic Association of Universities and Universities Canada as the situation unfolds, in hopes of a positive resolution.

Faculty members are encouraged to contact Dr. Malcolm Butler, VPAR with concerns and questions.