Student entrepreneurs win cash prizes at ‘Funder Speed Dating’

On Friday, November 30th, 32 students from all faculties gathered in CLARI to take part in a “Funder Speed Dating” event.

Participants delivered their best one-minute pitch about their business idea, to five judges, one at a time.

Judges included Brett Donald, CIBC; Maurice Fares, WM Fares Group; Mitch Harrison, Venture for Canada; Michael Sanderson, SMUEC; Kaitlyn Touesnard, Crescendo Events, and Stephanie O’Connor, MNP.

The judges short-listed their top five business ideas - those students had to deliver another one-minute pitch to entire judging panel. Three winners were awarded cash prizes and tickets to the upcoming Starting Point Entrepreneurship Conference. Congratulations!

First Place: $2,000

  • Ross Arsenault, Ashored Innovations. Ross is a current MTEI student, who works full-time for his company, Ashored. Ashored uses hardware and software to increase efficiencies for fisherman, while also protecting at-risk marine habitats.

Second Place: $1,000

  • Hussain Adbullah, Nova Essentials. Hussain started Nova Essential with fellow MTEI students. The company offers a 100% natural solution for the infestation of ticks and fleas on humans and pets.

Third Place: $750

  • Xi Chen, iLokol. Xi Chen is an undergraduate Commerce student. iLokol provides e-commerce infrastructure, services and sales platforms for local SMEs, allowing residents from each city to effectively find everything they want in the city they live in.