Famous feline: Carlton featured in overseas exhibit

From Hali-famous to world famous. That’s the difference a year has made in the life of Carlton, our lovable campus cat.

He represents Canada in University Cats, a special exhibition that runs December 18 to January 6 at the University Museum Groningen in the Netherlands. His photo appears alongside fellow campus cats from as far away as China, England, Australia and Turkey, as well as “Prof. Doerak”, the fluffy feline who strolls the halls of the University of Groningen.       

Carlton lives near Saint Mary’s University and started regularly showing up for classes in the fall of 2017. In a feature profile about him on CBC News last March, Sophie Smith Stewart said her family’s pet has a unique personality, perhaps because he was the runt of the litter. They are happy to share him with the SMU community as long as he comes home for dinner once in awhile, she said.

When the four-year-old cat ran for a seat on SMU’s Board of Directors earlier this year, his election campaign made the news as far away as Russia.

He also appears on the cover of a new book, Workin' like a dog; Doin' nuthin' like a cat: Canadian Pets Who Go to the Office, available at the Saint Mary’s Bookstore.

Written by Nancy Wilcox of New Hamburg, ON, the book was published in October by Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation, a Canadian charity dedicated to the support and education of families whose pets are going through cancer treatment. Carlton shares the pages with Panda the Motorcycle Sidecar Dog, Cotton Tales Therapy Rabbits, and celebrity pets of broadcaster Lisa Laflamme, singer Jann Arden and artist Robert Bateman, among others.

What a year – we can only imagine what Carlton will get up to in 2019!