2018 National Retail Innovation Award winners!

Three innovative retailers from across Canada were honoured at the National Retail Innovation Awards on Friday, November 2.

Presented by the David Sobey Centre for Innovation in Retailing and Services, the awards recognize outstanding leadership in the retail sector. The three category winners are:

·  Sustainable Retailing Innovation: mini mioche is known for its Canadian-designed and manufactured, ethically-made, organic baby and kids' basics. The Toronto-based business collects used clothing in-store for donation to charity, offering donors a discount in exchange. The company has grown by 800% over the past 6 years.

·  Retail Technology Innovation:  Aislelabs is a Toronto-based technology company offering the most advanced Wi-Fi location marketing, advertising and analytics platform in the market. Aislelabs is helping retailers address data fragmentation by consolidating on and offline customer data into a single place. Aislelabs has received venture funding from Salesforce and investors.

·  Retail Customer Experience Innovation: Surmesur, based in Quebec City, makes custom men’s clothing. Using a handheld device equipped with Google’s Tango Augmented Reality (AR) software, Surmesur customers can create 360-degree visuals of made-to-measure shirts with thousands of options. Measurements are then done on-site by their measurement experts.

“The David Sobey Centre's mandate is help build a vibrant retail sector in Canada. We engage in applied research that guides retailers and support innovation that solves problems or creates new opportunities for retailers,” said Dr. Ramesh Venkat, the centre’s executive director. “The National Retail Innovation Awards is a celebration of successful innovation in Canadian retailing.  We hope the stories of these visionary entrepreneurs will inspire.”

The David Sobey Centre for Innovation in Retailing and Services, founded in 2014, funds research, hosts student competitions, and offers executive education opportunities related to retailing.