New Student Cannabis Policy takes effect at Saint Mary's


Saint Mary’s has developed a new policy for students regarding cannabis use and possession on campus.

The Saint Mary’s University Student Responsible Use of Cannabis Policy provides detailed information about what is permitted and what is not on university property, as well as definitions, information about medicinal cannabis, awareness and support programs and more.

To ensure that the policy reflects legislative changes and the needs of both students and the University, the policy will be reviewed annually for the first three years.

In the coming weeks, Student Affairs and Services will begin outreach programs designed encourage understanding of the policy, promote and maintain the health and safety of Saint Mary’s students and educate students about cannabis use.

Some key points of The Saint Mary’s University Student Responsible Use of Cannabis Policy include:

  • Saint Mary’s University is a smoke-free campus. As such smoking or vaping cannabis on campus is not permitted. 

  • Cannabis in any form is not permitted in residence or on-campus housing.

  • Aside from in residence or on-campus housing, where cannabis is prohibited, individuals aged 19 and over may possess up to 30 grams of legal cannabis product (stored in a sealed container).

  • The sale, distribution, growth and preparation of cannabis (indoors or outdoors) by students on the Saint Mary’s campus not permitted.

    Click here to read the full policy, and please feel free to contact Tom Brophy at with any questions.