Dr. Clarissa Sit and SMU alum Gregg Curwin nominated for Discovery Awards

Saint Mary’s will be well-represented at the 16th annual Discovery Awards for Science and Technology presented by the Discovery Centre.

c sit.png

Dr. Clarissa Sit, a chemical biologist and Associate Professor at Saint Mary’s, was nominated for the Emerging Professional category - an award for an individual under the age of 35 who demonstrates intellectual achievement, professional excellence, and potential for ongoing growth and development.

Dr. Sit’s research on how to combat one of society’s largest public health challenges, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and fungi, could lead to the development of new medications.

This work has already received significant federal funding, giving Dr. Sit and her Faculty of Science colleagues and students access to more state-of-the-art scientific equipment.

gregg c.png

SMU alum Gregg Curwin has been nominated in the Innovation category for his company Truleaf. Curwin is the founder, president and CEO, and he holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Saint Mary’s.

Based in Truro, Truleaf designs efficient vertical farms that can be built anywhere. They’re engineered for mass markets, but are simple, cost-effective and easily scalable and can reducing reliance on imported produce.