Changes big and small coming to


Over the next few months, you'll see a number of improvements to the Saint Mary's website, some small and perhaps not very conspicuous and others more noticeable, but all of them important.

We recently removed thousands of old files from the site. While that alone is good news, we're also moving towards a different search system that will index our pages more frequently so that pages we remove don't continue to appear in our search results. That should really help with site search accuracy.

Very soon you'll see that we're standardizing on web addresses that no longer include "www". The triple-W is not necessary and we'll benefit from shorter, more memorable addresses that will be easier to use on posters and in documents. 

We're also making our pages automatically load with "https://" in the address. The difference is the "s". That stands for secure and it means the pages are encrypted as they travel over the Internet. An added benefit is that Google likes to see that "s" and tends to rank sites that use it higher than those that don't. Rest assured that all your old links will work. You'll just soon see that those addresses turn into the shorter, more secure versions when the page appears in your browser.

On the horizon are some changes to the templates behind our home page and the rest of the site. The old templates have served us well for a number of years, but we've learned a lot and the web team is concentrating on making the site easier to use, simpler to navigate and more accessible to people with disabilities. This is a big job as we have over 4500 pages to update.

 We'll use this newsletter to keep you updated on our progress.